EstateInvesting is an active real estate investment and management company. We are focused on the acquisition and divestment of quality properties across the United States. We provide real estate owners with liquidity, coupled with a highly-professional service for real estate buyers. We are not brokers. We acquire properties for our own account. Our team strives to provide a smooth, streamlined and secure process to buying and selling quality real estate. As such, we enlist high quality title and legal expertise to ensure proper documentation and process in the transfer and sale of the assets we acquire and sell. Our ultimate goal is to establish win-win scenarios for all parties in every transaction.

We work with buyers and sellers to ensure a smooth transition of superior real estate assets

Our Commitment

We strive to maintain a commitment to professionalism and integrity on both the buy and sell-side of each real estate deal.

We recognize that many of the bridges we cross are those same bridges we will cross again in the future and we intend to maintain mutual benefit among our investors for years to come.


Property Procurement

Asset procurement for ourselves and our investor network

Title Search

Professional title search for all real estate types, across multiple jurisdictions

Contract & Agreements

Proper legal documentation and structure for property sale and financing

Deal Marketing

Expert marketing solutions for even difficult-to-sell properties

Our Team