Real Estate Investing | Advisory
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Project Evaluation

Every new project is thoroughly evaluated to assess strengths, weaknesses, and the overall closure rate. This analysis is especially important in today’s highly competitive capital markets. More to the point, this phase in our process involves building an initial financial strategy, selecting and outlining potential lending sources, assessing debt and equity ratios and performing an in-depth sponsorship analysis.

Project Review & Feedback

Next, our firm will approach potential lending sources to gather feedback and information that pertains to the project as well as compare that feedback against capital market benchmarks. Then, based on the feedback collected, we identify the best course of action for the project. In this process, we make confidentially our primary concern. We want to ensure that each client has an equal chance to secure financing so we maintain a level of confidentiality to avoid “shopping”.

Document Creation

Based on the initial project evaluation and lender feedback, the underwriting process of the financing strategy begins. Our firm condenses all property information into an organized investment package, making it easy for lenders to review and to recognize key metrics. This investment package clearly outlines the strengths and weaknesses of the project and the overall financing strategy. It is also designed in a format that highlights key performance metrics that the majority of lenders and investors use to evaluate the strengths and validity of overall investment decisions.

Package Review

Our firm has a vast and established network of lenders and investors. Therefore, part of our process is to ensure that each investment package is directed to key decision makers within our network of lenders and investors for maximum opportunities. Our network is also made up of lenders and investors who have an appetite for investments. By targeting key decision makers at the appropriate firms and organizations, we are ensuring that each investment package receives the proper attention and necessary timely response.


Once a lender is selected, our firm then begins the closing process. This process involves managing the streamlined flow of communication and sharing the necessary information and documentation needed to close the deal. This is how our firm ensures an efficient, smooth, and timely closing process for both our clients and our investors. In most cases, our firm communicates directly with the key decision maker at an investment firm to properly manage expectations of the deal.